Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mental Health in LARP

The Accessibility in LARP series has gone some way to helping people think about how to be more accommodating to players with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses however, it didn't really go in to any depth on mental health accessibility. Mental illness, from depression to anxiety to personality disorders, can be debilitating and can require accommodations just like other chronic illnesses. However, due to the nature of mental illness and the lack of openness and dialogue about them, it can be less obvious what those accommodations could be.

This is something that needs input from people who LARP with mental health issues and who feel their LARP experience is limited or impaired because of their mental health and/or the lack of accessibility.
To that end I have created a questionnaire!
If you are a LARPer (or a potential LARPer) that has mental health issues that impact yoru game then please fill out the completely anonymous questionnaire below and help me write a better guide.

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