Saturday, 19 March 2016

Iain Duncan Smith - for me it's personal

The IDS resignation is a big fucking deal for me.

I know that this year I will have my DLA reassessed as PIP. I don't even have a date for that assessment yet and I have already been experiencing a great deal of anxiety over it. The treatment of disabled and chronically ill people by the DWP is appalling an counterproductive. It does more to ensure disabling symptoms and having to stay out of work (to say nothing of death and suicide) than to help and support people or get them fit for work.
It is terrifying and demoralising at best.

Now, I don't for one minute believe that IDS resigned purely on the grounds of conscience and out of concern for people with disabilities but honestly, that doesn't matter. Because that's what he said. That is the statement that is out there, in writing. Iain Duncan Smith has stated categorically that the way our government is treating people with disabilities is wrong. And, for a short time at least, he's going to have to stand by that or look like a fool.

It's not going to suddenly change policy. That's not up to him any more. But you know what it does give? It gives hope. Hope that the rhetoric might change. Hope that Osbourne might have to reign in plans. Hope that the government will have an actual debate on these issues that isn't just braying party lines. Hope that some people might actually stop and think about me and people like me.
This is the first glimmer of hope we have had from the government in five years. We have suffered a constant stream of abuse, neglect and vilification at the hands of this government. And now one man with influence, however insincerely, is saying "this isn't right". That tiny pause in the endless bombardment that lets us breath and lets us hope that things might not get worse.

I was shaking with joy last night. For the first time in weeks I felt the anxiety lessen just a little bit.
So for me, for every disabled and chronically person you know can we focus on that. Instead of speculation and theories about infighting instead of looking for the "real motives" can you focus on this:
The minister of the DWP said that plans for PIP were a step too far and were harmful.
Shout about it. Talk about it. Hold it up high. Make people think about what that means. Make people pay attention and that that is the thing the government and the media needs to focus on.
Make the story "Things need to change! Things need to be better for people who are disabled."

Don't make it about the Tories. Make it about people.

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