Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sunday Short - Being Disruptive is Necassary

Sunday Shorts will be brief blog posts often drawn from things i have posted on other media such as facebook or tumblr.
Screen shot of a tumblr post - an anonymous question to user beeth0ven and their reply. Transcript below.

anonymous asked:
I def get the cripple punk movement and on the other hand the entire thing is a little to Malcolm X and not enough MArtin Luther for me.

beeth0ven answered:
mlk is so often misquoted and taken out of conext by white people. MLK wasnt just "we are equal lets be peaceful" guy - knew that the apathetic white was the biggst danger of all, he knew capitalism was an evil. he said plenty of things they don't teach you in school.
You also act like malcolm x was wrong in some way. this movement isnt for you. it's not for able bodied people. sorry to hurt your feelings.

My response:

What you mean when you say this anon, is that you want to humour disabled people but not actually listen. You are happy to give people the opportunity to speak but not to make waves. You think it is sufficient for people to complain and say things suck but you are not prepared to make actual changes. You want to feel like an ally who supports disabled people but you don’t want to change the status quo or move out of your comfort zone.

Disabled people need real changes and they need real support. That’s going to shake you out of the status quo and it’s going to feel disruptive but that’s not a bad thing. That’s a positive thing because it is a sign of change.

You think the soil doesn’t get disrupted when a plant shoots? You think the plant is ad or amoral for growing?

You are the soil. We are the plants. We are growing and you will be disrupted. But it’s either that or you keep us suppressed underground.

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